Sunday, January 2, 2011


Welcome to LoV Bites! Chances are, if you're following me now you're one of my very loyal friends who has so often "liked" my posts on facebook about what I made for dinner. And for that, I want to give you a great big THANKS because it's encouraged me to cook on. This blog is going to take my status updates to the max, with more of my recipes, the stories behind them and (finally!) pictures of what I place on the table.

For the record, beginning a cooking blog wasn't my idea. I owe all of the credit to my super good friend, Michelle, who was the first to make the suggestion. I have to admit that the idea intimidated me at first. In a lot of ways, starting a blog is like opening a restaurant: a lot of people think they can pull it off, hundreds of thousands sprout up every year, and only a few are successful. I'm not claiming that LoV Bites is going to be successful, but at the very least I figure it will give me a new place to post my meals, another way to make notes on my recipes, and a fun way to catalog the very delicious year ahead of us!

My first food post will come very soon. Enjoy!

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  1. Doesn't every recipe have a secret ingredient that's essential to its success? Something you can't place but you can surely taste? I think your blog has got that secret sauce situation going on. Here's to getting the internets drooling! :p