Tuesday, January 11, 2011

To Whet Your Appetite

I'm feeling guilty about the lack of substance (and a recipe) in tonight's earlier post, so I thought I'd give you a preview of the good stuff to come in the next week or so. Hopefully this will entice you, and I'll be able to keep the few followers I have :)

Here are a few of the posts you can look forward to:
- A recipe for Badger Bits (you're just going to have to read it)
- A new take on one of my favorite "mom" recipes: Meatloaf
- Adventures in ravioli making
- A rundown of my newest cooking gadgets, including the cupcake plunger!
- Lessons in the food torch (this could be both frightening and exciting)
- A reflection on food memories (which I hope will draw lots of comments about your own!)
- My thoughts on recipes from the backs of boxes
- And maybe, if I'm really inspired, an actual deconstructed dish (instead of just my musings about what a cool concept it is)

Does any of that make you hungry??


  1. Meatloaf! I've never been satisfied with my attempts at meatloaf. Maybe it is just one of those magical foods that tastes better when mom makes it.

  2. All of it!

    I'm super curious as to what Badger Bits are...

    And I think the food memories idea is GENIUS! Really, really :)

  3. I should have mentioned that this list is in no particular order. So you can expect unexpected scatterings of these posts over the next couple weeks.

    And Steph, meatloaf is absolutely one of those foods that's always better when mom makes it! Let's hope my attempt can live up to my mom's recipe.

  4. You're totally right-- one of the things that makes me still feel like a kid is anything kitchen related. I can never do it like my mom does! She keeps reminding me that she didn't really learn to cook until she was forty so I've got time, but really, I think there's some magical mom element to it that I just don't have at this point!

  5. You know, the more I think about it, there's not necessarily a direct correlation between being an awesome cook and being a mom. I'm not a mom (unless you count Vito and Lola!), and I've got what it takes! I think the magic just comes from the meals being made with love!