Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New York Noshing

I realized yesterday that we returned from our New York vacation more than a month ago. And in that time, I've promised on more than one occasion to write a savory summary of our trip. Well work got hectic and time got away from me, so I'm sorry for the delay!
Being the food nut that I am, you'd expect that our week away consisted of non-stop nibbles. As much as I wish that were true, I just couldn't do it. I would have absolutely exploded had I tried to eat everything I was tempted to try! So here's a rundown of the most notable noshes you need to know about.

Tasting Timeline
Day 1: Testing Our Cottage Kitchen
One of the reasons I was excited to be shacking up in Southampton for the week was that I'd be able to cook a few of our meals! After a tiring day of travel, we weren't in the mood to explore the area on the day we arrived, so we followed the directions to the nearest grocery store and I made a delicious dinner that night.

I was inspired by the pasta making class we'd just taken at the Public Market a few days before, so I chose to whip up some beef braciole with homemade tomato sauce and roasted potatoes and peppers. I need to make this again, and when I do you'll be sure to see the recipe here. Stuffed with cheese and bread crumbs, rolled up, and broiled, this braciole was awesome! A nice start to the week, but one of only two or three times I actually found myself in the kitchen while we were away :)

Day 3: A Montauk Masterpiece
Seeing as how we were in the Hamptons, I felt the need to have something fresh and local. Well it turns out there's no better way to experience that than to stop at a place the locals affectionately refer to as "Lunch."

The Lobster Roll in Amagansett purports to be the originator of the lobster roll (which I suppose makes sense, when you consider it). I can say with conviction that it was the best lobster roll I've ever had ... although if memory serves me correctly it might be the only lobster roll I've ever had. Regardless, it was delish. Massive, tender chunks of sweet lobster in just the right amount of mayo stuffed in a super soft roll ... yum! (The mayo kept Bill from digging in, but hey, more for me.)

Day 4: Fuggedaboutit, I'm Full
So on the fourth day of our trip we found ourselves in NYC. My food mecca, right? There were dozens of things I wanted to eat, but I failed. Perhaps we started off on the wrong foot (quite literally because our three-mile walk there ate up my heels) by trekking to Katz's Delicatessen.
If you don't know Katz's, you don't know New York. Or perhaps you just don't watch the Food Network. Just the night before we'd seen an episode of "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" where Chef Michael Psilakis was touting their knoblewurst sandwich as the best thing he ever ate with garlic. But that's not what made us go there. Katz's came highly recommended by a couple friends who lived in the city, so we had to try it. Bill actually ordered the knoblewurst (which was amazing!) and I had the predictable (but equally amazing) corned beef. We were promptly stuffed. But was it worth it? Hell yes!

Luckily, we had miles and miles yet to walk in the city (and luckily I changed shoes). We burned off enough calories to pick up some goodies from Ferrara Bakery & Cafe in Little Italy. I had a box made up with a couple biscotti, mini cannoli, and a few Italian cookies. Then I found even more delicious cannoli from a vendor down the street so I bought more! The best part about cannoli in Little Italy? They come in every flavor imaginable. I had a traditional, then topped that off with one filled with coconut cream, one filled with espresso ricotta, and one filled with Nutella. O. M. G.
Now you might be wondering, "Where's the pizza?" Since it's Bill's all-time favorite food, it had to show up somewhere. Truth be told, we spent hours searching for the perfect slice, but he just couldn't commit. Finally, when we were just about ready to leave, he popped into the last place we passed. And it turns out it was a Famous Famiglia ... which is a chain that just happens to have a home in the Milwaukee airport. Talk about a disappointing way to end the day! I knew we should have picked up takeout when we passed Junior's instead.

Day 7: Homestyle in the Hamptons
By the end of our trip, we were worn out. We spent our last day retracing our steps near the cottage and taking another drive up Montauk Highway. When we were hungry for lunch, we turned to trusty Trip Advisor. You wouldn't think of seeking out barbecue in the Hamptons, but a place called Townline BBQ had some pretty decent reviews so we gave it a shot. And I'm glad we did!
I have a minor obsession with burnt ends, which you don't see on an awful lot of menus in our neck of the woods. There's nothing more delicious to me than the crisp, smoky, flavorful cuts from the end of the meat. The special on the day we visited Townline was burnt end sliders. My choice was a no brainer ... and I wasn't disappointed! The sliders were served on potato rolls with sides of potato salad and roasted beets and sweet potatoes. I could have done with out the sides and more ends, please! I really, really wanted to walk out of Townline with one of their yummy-looking whoopie pies, but once again I just didn't have the room.

Other Notable Noshes
'Wichcraft Oatmeal Cream'wich I would have loved to eat at one of Tom Colicchio's 'Wichcraft locations because their sandwiches look amazing. A few days before we left on our trip I'd seen an episode of "Unique Sweets" on the Cooking Channel in which they featured 'Wichcraft's sandwich cookies. As luck has it, we were trying to find our way out of Rockefeller Center and came across a 'Wichcraft in the basement. So I popped in for a cookie! That oatmeal cream'wich was every bit as yummy as it looked on T.V.

The Dark Horse Pork Loin T-Bone Our last dinner in Southampton was at a restaurant that had been reviewed in a local paper. I didn't have much faith, considering we'd attempted to go there a few nights before and the place was completely empty ... void of servers and all! They redeemed themselves on Friday night with the pork loin t-bone, which was so delicious that Bill polished off my plate after he finished his own. I've never had a juicier, more tender, more flavorful piece of pork. And unless we make a return trip to Southampton, I can't imagine I ever will!

My Dutch Apple Cake Before we vacated our home away from home for the week, I felt the need to leave a parting gift for our gracious hostess, Amy. Naturally, that gift came in the form of baked goods. I don't believe I've shared this recipe with you yet, but I promise I will soon (especially since apple season is upon us). My Dutch Apple Cake is really more like bread pudding in loaf form because it's very heavy on the eggs ... but that's what makes it moist and rich and delicious! I baked a loaf for the homeowner and was able to squeeze out a mini loaf that Bill and I shared for dessert the night before. This is one of my favorite fall desserts, and an appreciative text message from Amy told me she loved it, too!

All in all, we had a terrific time. My only regret is not eating more (although my bathroom scale certainly doesn't agree). You know what that means ... we need to head back to the city soon!

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