Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Doggone Goodies

I don't consider myself a particularly entrepreneurial person, but I have to admit that I have some pretty genius ideas sometimes. And when I get to talking about them with my best work neighbor, Jenn, all sorts of creativity starts blooming!

Bill's been talking a lot lately about his desire to open a doggy daycare. Now that sounded like fun to me, but we're not canine experts. So naturally, I'm trying to steer him toward a business venture that would better align with one of my strengths. And if my two greatest passions are cooking and my dogs, homemade dog treats naturally strike a chord with me!

Jenn had the best idea for a name, which may or may not be taken, but I love it nonetheless ... Doggone Goodies! So while I spent a portion of the afternoon procrastinating, I decided to get started on some artwork for my brand-to-be ...

Perhaps it's premature to reveal my logo, since the business is truly just a pipe dream, but I couldn't resist showing off this idea. Now just don't steal it!


  1. You know, to be safe, just get a copyright on your ideas (this one and Twirled Tour):

    Better safe than sorry! :-)

  2. Every great business was once a pipe dream. DO IT! Just DO IT!!! That would be so, so exciting.

    I def think copyrighting the logo is a good idea. I think copyrighting the name is too, but that takes a few more steps. Why not? You very well might end up needing it! :D